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Macks Ningombam,08/10/1999

Sun Certified Java2 Platform Developer Application Project.
Name of Application : Fly By Nights Reservations System

Documentation: Sample Source Code

The following are a list of sample code from the Fly by Nights Reservations Application.
The list is not an exhaustive one as the intend here is show the standard of programming,
documentation and knowledge of Java2 platform. The various sections mentions all the classes
implemeted, but may not contain links to all the source. All of this other classes are in place, but are not provided so as to prevent from misuse.

Data Conversion Tool (With a Swing GUI)
Implementation of Locks(Using the Map collection implementation - HashTable)
Data Class : Embodies the dataBase
DataInfo :    Embodies a record
FieldInfo :    Embodies a Field/Column

DbServer : The interface for the RemoteServer
Remote Server Implementation (RMI class implementation)

Data Client
Remote Client Implementation (RMI object that access the Remote DataBase Server)

Swing GUI

Date Manipulation class:
DateClass : Class that provides methods for date operations