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Macks Ningombam,08/10/1999

Sun Certified Java2 Platform Developer Application Project.
Name of Application : Fly By Nights Reservations System


The Project is done as a part of the Sun Certified Java2 Platform Developer's exam. Only Sun Certified Java Programmers(SCJP), are eligible to take the Developers Exam. The project has been designed in such a way as to test not only the candidate's knowledge on Java2 Platform, but also in his ability to come up with a correct,logical and consistent solution and hence check his problem solving skills.

The project does not use any well known Database system like Oracle or Informix, but involves the implementation of a DBMS system in which the candidate has to address to basic database problems like locking,unlocking,criteria search and more.
The Application uses the Swing front end along with RMI for the client server transport layer.

Java Components Used in the Project

The following components of  JDK1.2.2 are used in the project.
Client Server Transport Protocol RMI
Documentation Javadoc
Debugging  jdb