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Aodei: Accuship Open Data Exchange Interface
Java, Oracle8i, Servlet, apache-ssl, jserv

Aodei is a higly scaleable architecture for performaning customized imports of shipment manifest files, EDI Ship status files, GL coding data etc. Any kind of data with a certain defined format can be imported through Aodei.

Each custom file format has a pure Java plugin. Each plugin follows a certain template by inheriting from a common parent class. When the nodei file transfer daemon thread sees a file in the import queue of a plugin an instance of the plugin is created and the file to be imported is handed. The plugin instance will parse the file, creates instances of inner objects to store records from the file and import into the staging database. The success or failure of the import will be notified to the concerned parties. Email addresses can be collected in a multiple of ways. One way is to specify the emails in the properties file of the plugin. Still another way is to look into the database for emails associated with the client code.

There is an admin piece that will help register new plugin classes and specify the import path for it. An ftp account will be provided for each plugin which will point to this import path. For example, clients like Standford, Accenture automate their process of ftping their Cost center files using the ftp account information of the CostCenter plugin.

The data from the staging database will be migrated by a DBMS job that runs the migration routine. The migration routine will run the data access layer (DAL) rules which are the data integrity business rule.