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Macks Ningombam,08/10/1999

Sun Certified Java2 Platform Developer Application Project.
Name of Application : Fly By Nights Reservations System

About the project

The is an overall description about the project and a brief listing of the features to be implemented. Please find a complete listing of the requirements instructions about  the project from Sun Microsystems at Instructions.

1. Background

Fly By Night Services is a small but growing travel agency that provides flight information on a small selection of
routes and carriers. The company's IT department recently had an undergraduate student in for work experience
during the summer vacation. This undergraduate did some work using the Java programming language and started to produce a rudimentary database system.

The Information Systems Department Manager now wishes to extend this work into a usable application. This
application should keep scheduled flight information for a number of airlines and routes, and it should provide a
convenient way to search for and book flights that might suit customer's requirements. This is the project that you have been commissioned to complete.

2. Overall Architecture

Architecturally, the application is a traditional client-server system. There are three key parts: the server-side database with network server functionality, the client-side graphical user interface, and a client-side database client part that handles the networking on behalf of the user interface.

Additionally, the program must be able to work in a non-networked mode. In this mode, the database and user
interface run in the same VM and no networking is performed. The user must be able to select the operating mode, although it is acceptable that the program stay in one mode once it has started up.

You have a choice regarding the network connection protocol. You may use either serialized objects over a simple socket connection, or you may use RMI. Your submission will fail automatically if you do not use one of these

3. What To Implement

At present, a basic data storage and retrieval system (the "database") has been implemented and shown to work by the undergraduate. No network or user level code exists. The database is not relational. The data set for the project exists as a flat ASCII file, and it must be converted as part of the assignment. Fly By Night Services anticipates that future projects will use the same database and therefore this conversion program should be reasonably easy to reuse.

The following are the "top level" features that must be implemented: