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Java Certification Exams from Sun Microsystems

Java Certification from Sun Microsystem is becoming an industry standard for knowledge on Java.
It has three levels of Certifcation : Programmer (SJCP*), Developer (SCJD*) and Architect (SCJEA*).
The latest certification offered is in Java 2 (jdk1.2 and jdk1.3).
Please use the following links for more details.

Sun Java Certification Main Page

Sun Certification  FAQ Page

*SCJP   - Sun Certified Java Programmer
*SCJD   - Sun Certified Java Developer
*SCJEA - Sun Certified Java Enterprise Architect

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SCJP Certification Books

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The Official FAQ on Java Technology from Javasoft

SCJD - Sun Certified Java Developer

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Sun Certification Database

For Candidates in India

For all queries, registration and test site information please contact:

Sun Microsystems India Pvt. Ltd.
6th Floor, Divyashree Chambers
Off Langford Road
Bangalore 560 027
Phone: 91-80-207 8989
Fax: 91-80-223 1792

Main Links || SCJP || SCJD || Score || Certification in INDIA